The Strongman Swing Dress goes to Coney Island

Hi guys! Summer is pretty much over so I had to take my Strongman dress for one last swing to the Freak Show and fireworks at Coney Island!

Coney Island_05

This dress was released in Summer 2014 and sadly is no longer carried on Steady Clothing’s site. The good news is that you can still buy the Strongman Thrills Skirt!

strongman skirt strongman skirt 2


It has the same great full circle swing and same polyester/rayon/spandex blend fabric as the dress. I added a crinoline for some extra dramatic volume.

Coney Island_13


This is one of many all over, custom prints that Steady makes. They even posted a blog about all their custom prints here! As you can see below, this print is perfect for a carnival! It has clown faces, roaring tigers, tattooed tightrope walkers, strongmen (of course, and much more all set against a traditional tattoo star background. 

Coney Island_16


Coney Island is an area along the south Brooklyn seaside which began attracting visitors as early as 1830! Between about 1880 and World War II, Coney Island was the largest amusement area in the United States, attracting several million visitors per year! But due to problems with street gangs, most of the amusements was closed by 1964. Today, the parks have been reopened and several of the rides are protected as New York City Landmarks, including the Wonder Wheel and Cyclone!


This dress is perfect for a trip to Coney Island and not just because of the adorable kitchy print! I wore in the haunted house, on the Wonder Wheel, and on all the rides, as it’s just long enough to do anything in!

Coney Island_08


This dress is really fun to accessorize too. I paired it with some black and white poka dot shoes, purse, and hair scarf. I also wore a thick stretchy belt from another Steady skirt that I have. And cat eye glasses, always! You can get super creative with this outfit and mix and match fun colors, steady of black and white too!

Coney Island_85


Coney Island_45Coney Island_70

Coney Island_60


For my makeup I wore one of my favorite summertime hot pink’s by MAC called Relentlessly Red and lots of baby blue eyeshadow to match my dress. A baby pink lip would be adorable for this dress too-like cotton candy!

And I’m wearing my custom colored clip-in Betty bangs from Classy Rebel. Some bangs and a head scarf and all your bad, humid hair days are solved!

Coney Island_17



I had so much fun at Coney Island in my Strongman Swing Dress. If you want to experience all the Coney Island excitement, make sure you go before the summer season is over! And just like the rides at Coney Island, the Strongman Thrill Skirt won’t be around forever either. So get it ASAP!



Coney Island_55Coney Island_65


Special thanks to Jolie Clifford for taking these pics and going on a Coney Island adventure with me! Check out her work here and follow her here!

Dapper Day Weekend: Perfect Pinup Looks for Disneyland!

Hi there guys and dolls!

I just got back from spending two magical days at the happiest place on earth: Disneyland! As many of you probably know, Dapper Day just concluded this past weekend. Dapper Day is Disneyland’s semi-annual event that caters to attendees adorned in sophisticated fashion of yesteryear, contemporary formalwear is also welcome. It was my very first time experiencing the soirée, I’m excited to share you how I styled two different looks and my tips for staying comfy without compromising style at Disneyland.


For Dapper Day I had the pleasure of wearing the Sara Dress in Royal Blue, which coordinated perfectly with the park’s 60th anniversary décor. This piece fits the body like a dream; it’s incredibly stretchy and had a nice full skirt (I did a fair share of spinning all day in the park). I wore a canvas underskirt for a little structure, however the dress looks fab without one too!

DSC00169 I ended up wearing a pair of BAIT kitten heels in a soft sky blue and ivory. If you’re not too fond of wearing a kitten heel all day at Disney I’d recommend slipping on a pair of ruffled socks and white Keds or saddle shoes, this is a marvelous option to maintain a retro look…without the potential of experiencing any discomfort.


Since it was Dapper Day, naturally decided to stick with a traditional pinup makeup look which utilized: Ardell #122 lashes, MUFE gel liner, Kat Von D’s Shade and Light Palette, NARS blush in Taos, and Lime Crime’s Red Velvet. Liquid lipsticks are perfect for amusement parks, (I only had to do one touch up).DSC00183

I topped things off with a high ponytail and a houndstooth bow for some balance. Most pinup loving gals are quick to reach for silk flowers; but fascinators, bows, and even hair combs can also bring a classic look to life too.



Toting a big purse around Disney all day can take a toll on your shoulders, so I opted for a pearly hued coffin handbag. I have the same one in black, the purse also comes in sparkly red and a powdery pink. These bags are great for ladies who want a nostalgic purse with a subtle Haunted Mansion vibe. If you’re planning on bringing snacks, a camera, and other effects you might want to consider a cute structured backpack like this one.




Since the park is decorated for Halloween, I decided to do a darker Nightmare Before Christmas inspired look for day two in the magic kingdom with the Sarina Button Slit Skirt and the Keyhole To My Heart Blouse. The white buttons and trim coordinate so well together; several people assumed my ensemble was a dress! This look is super versatile. I wore squishy black ballet flats with a big bow; however all black Vans or even creepers would look killer too.


I kept my makeup limited to powered, winged liner, a little blush, lots of mascara, and a velvety black liquid lipstick (Kat Von D’s Witches). My best tip for those interested in experimenting with bold lip hues is to keep your eyes neutral, I opted for a simple 1960s cat eye.

DSC00282 For accessories I ended up wearing a blue orchid duo for a little pop of color from VintageBox 1947, but switched to an R2D2 mouse cap to get into the Disney spirit. I topped the look off with faux pearl earrings, and my trusty Lucite cat-eye sunnies.

DSC00244 (1)


Since it was sweltering all weekend I made sure to carry my trusty black and white fan along with me; handheld fans are an excellent way to stay stylish while cooling off; I always keep this little guy in my purse. Despite wearing all black in the blazing sun, I found the fabric on both the skirt and the blouse to be very breathable. Most pencil skirts have a high slit in the back, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Sarina exposes just a little side thigh. I was worried that a pencil skirt at the park would be binding, but I didn’t have any trouble dashing around the park or getting on rides (not even Splash Mountain).


That’s all I have for now folks! Do be sure to keep tabs on all of my misadventures on Instagram and on my blog, Darling Valentines. A huge thank you to my awesome photographers Melanie Zombie and Diana Rouge.

Trina’s Last Day At Steady

After three months of interning, my time as a Steady intern has come to an end.


My last few weeks at Steady have been really eventful. There are a lot of events that Steady goes to in the summer, so I’ve been having to prep all of the inventory for those. Also, with the fall line coming out, I’ve been working a lot with the designer creating patters and making adjustments to final designs. Once all of the samples of the products have been made, I’ve organized all of the samples. I’ve been lucky enough to see all of the fall line as well as a preview of the fall catalog before anyone else.


I definitely have appreciated by time with Steady and will miss it. Everyone I’ve worked with has been incredibly nice and helpful. Interning with Steady was a great opportunity. I’ve learned so much and will be taking all of my new knowledge with me into a career in the fashion industry.


Ella Tiki Dress: Tiki-spiration!

Tiki Oasis is just around the corner so I’d give you guys a dose of tiki-sipiration and show off my new Ella Tiki dress! The Ella Tiki dress is a new addition to the Steady family. It’s a mock wraparound Hawaiian print dress-so you don’t have to worry about anyone untying your cute outfit and makes it appropriate for more occasions than just the beach or the pool!




The pattern is bright and fun. It will stand out whether you wear it to a wear to a tiki bar, rooftop barbecue, or any other summer festivity! And it comes in red or black!

RS76772_BLK_FRONT__56505.1431386273.560.850 steadyellatikidress

For accessories, it is a pinup girl requirement to wear a huge hibiscus (or other flower arrangement) in your hair with Hawaiian print. I found my hair piece at a thrift store but you can make your own using flowers from your local craft store and some bobby pins! Or you can support small businesses by buying a handcrafted piece on Etsy! Two of my favorites are Nicoco Creations or Fancy Fruits.



I suggest giving your outfit a little primitive flare with some tiki, bamboo, and bone accessories. If you have bamboo bangles, wear em! I am wearing a tiki necklace from Fancy Fruits Etsy shop. My necklace has black lava beads, buffalo teeth, and a tiki that was designed and signed by the famous tiki artist Doug Horne. His art is very kitschy, cute, and fun. Check out some of his prints if you need more tiki-spiration!


Nothing says summer like an orange-red lipstick with a sparkle of gold! I’m wearing Redd lip pencil with Steam Heat and Viva Glam Rihanna lipstick, all by MAC. If you love it, go get it quick cuz both these lipsticks are limited edition colors! I’m also wearing MAC’s Chrome Yellow eyeshadow. Hawaiian prints are a great excuse to break out your colorful makeup, ladies!


And no… I’ve not gone to the dark side! My hair is still blonde. I just threw on my black wig because the lavender in my hair wasn’t matching the red, green, and yellow pattern. The red tiki pattern would look great on a buttery blonde or strawberry blonde though.







Any pair of cute cork wedges will finish off your tiki outfit and keep that beachy vibe! And don’t forget your cat eye sunglasses and a kitschy tiki mug! Or plastic pineapple in this case haha
Hope this entry inspired you to get your tiki on! Keep up with my adventures on my Instagram. Til next time… ALOHA! xo



The Annie Dress: Hauntingly Adorable Classic

Let’s be honest… There is no denying the Peter Pan collar trend is in full swing right now. It’s doll-like but still fashionable and can even be a little dark. The Annie dress from Steady puts their pinup twist on the resurgence of the Pan collar! If Wednesday Addams were a pinup girl, this would be her favorite dress! And it’s one of my favorites too.


The Annie Dress actually comes in black and red. It was named after Annie the musical.



This baby doll dress hits several inches above the knee but the flare keeps is super flattering and never skanky! Plus the high neckline with a contrasting white Peter Pan collar and dainty buttons adds to its innocence. This rayon/nylon/spandex blend dress also comes with a thin waist cinching white belt.



With the right accessories, this dress can be anything from nu goth Wednesday Addams to Courtney Love riot grrrl to 60s Twiggy mod.  

If you want to release your Courtney Love, throw on some Mary Janes with some ankle or knee socks. Or go full riot grrrl and break out your fave pair of 8-eye Docs. Don’t forget to smear your red lipstick a little and tease your hair to channel that “hot mess” DGAF vibe. Oh and 2 inch plus roots are a plus for this grunge look.

01 May 1994 --- Courtney Love --- Image by © Jeffrey Thurnher/CORBIS OUTLINE
01 May 1994 — Courtney Love — Image by © Jeffrey Thurnher/CORBIS OUTLINE

If you’re feeling more Twiggy just rock some chelsea boots or chunky vintage heels with some knee high socks. Pin your hair up into a bouffant, and load on lots of chunky mascara and draw some faux lashes with liquid liner. Daisy accessories are a plus too!


If you are feeling a little darker, go for a Wednesday Addams look. You don’t have to do your hair in pigtails, but you can! You can pair with some trendy dark lipstick or do a smokey eye to give your look that hint of mischief. You can really wear this with any pair of tights or shoes as a more “grown up” Wednesday look.


I incorporated bits of each of these styles into my outfit that I wore to go for a walk through one of Brooklyn’s beautiful cemeteries with my handsome boyfriend and amazing photographer James David.





I paired my Annie dress with some houndstooth wedges and knee socks and my coffin shaped To Die For purse by Tatyana. I also carried my spiderweb parasol to keep cool on this humid New York summer day. The finishing touch is a pair of daisy earrings, to give my outfit a touch of summer. ha!




For hair and make up, I channeled a 60’s vibe by using lots of liquid liner and a baby pink pout with Edge to Edge liner and Dreaminess lipstick from MAC. My blunt bangs are actually just clipped in! I ordered a pair of platinum clip in bangs from Classy Rebel and toned them to match my silver hair. So when I want to do a 1950s liberty roll look, I still can!



This dress is definitely going to be recycled as an easy Wednesday Addams Halloween costume in a few months. All I need to do is braid my black wig. Easiest costume ever! Eeeeee! I can’t wait for Halloween.
In my world, everyday is Halloween! So keep up with my costume changes and adventures by following my Instagram!